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Why Buy Locally?


Be aware of the impact of your Encinitas dollars.

Where you spend your hard earned money makes a big difference.


A local Encinitas business returns a large portion of each dollar spent back to the community. Local businesses assist the community through a “multiplier effect”: one dollar spent at a local business will return many times that amount within the community through taxes, employees’ wages, and purchase of materials and supplies from other businesses.


In addition, these businesses will turn that dollar back into the community through school funding, youth activities, social services, and contributions to local non-profit organizations.  The sales tax page gives great information about the local Encinitas programs and services funded by sales tax generated locally. 


 Choice makes for a richer community
Local businesses are located in all five communities of Encinitas.






You can grab an espresso, pick up locally grown produce at the farmers market, freshly baked bread from the bakery, shop for unique gifts or household items, or choose a good book for a day at the beach. You can get your hair cut, have your taxes prepared, or make a deposit at your friendly community bank or credit union, all without leaving Encinitas.


These businesses add to the character that is Encinitas, contributing more than just goods and services. They offer personalized attention, add diversity to our shopping options, and bring life to historic buildings in our older sections of Encinitas.


They pay their employees—and local taxes—with the income they receive from sales. Generally, most employees come from areas close to the stores, so when you buy locally, you are supporting many of your neighbors that work in local Encinitas businesses.


Each time you choose to spend your dollars in Encinitas at a local business, you are voting with your wallet for the continued strength and vitality of our city and communities.



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